• Murder By Numbers: Please Hire Me

    Murder By Numbers: Please Hire Me

    Last one, I promise. And no, I don’t expect to get any editing jobs from this post, but who knows?

  • Rainbow Ribbon Mold

    Rainbow Ribbon Mold

    I suffered so you don’t have to. A colorful ring concealing lies and time lost forever. A cautionary tale of why gelatin desserts should only have three layers max.

  • Avoid Nonograms Prophecy

    Avoid Nonograms Prophecy

    This is the worst nonogram game I’ve ever played. I hope it will never be topped.

  • Murder by Numbers: Fashion Police

    Murder by Numbers: Fashion Police

    Did you know I considered going to the library to research this post? Part One of “I don’t understand what the heck is going on over at Mediatonic”

  • (Not) Organizing in the Time of Melancholia

    (Not) Organizing in the Time of Melancholia

    First an anti-wardrobe post, now an anti-wardrobe organization post? Talk about depth and breadth! My latest for this month’s Bibliotheca theme of 🎶Living Spaces🎶

  • Bavarian Cream

    Bavarian Cream

    Gelatin and…chocolate? It’s not weird, I promise! Learn entirely too much about Bavarian creams in this belated V-day post♡

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